Art for Sale, Wonderful, Wonderful Art for Sale!

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Inkspots

Mad Flame-y Lady

Art Chick, as I call her repeatedly in my head (and she can’t stop me though there’s probably a court order somewhere floating around) has put her art on sale once again! See this lovely lady up here? Or as I call her “The Mad Flame-y Lady” (Thank you, Whovians for the idea) she was drawn by Mirriam Neal and has been captured completely by her. I adore this picture of her. She’s looking back at “Mad Flame-y Dodging Fellow” who is another post all together. I’ll have to get him up here at some point. I have both amazing pieces hanging in my room. Do yourself a favor, scribes, and commission Mirriam before she comes back to her senses. Also, close friends and relatives of Mirriam might want to check and make certain she hasn’t suffered serious head trauma, cutting her prices as she has. Wait, wait, don’t do that. Not until the scribes have had a chance to place their orders.

For all the details, go here:

  1. Mirriam says:

    You are AWESOME. =D =D =D

  2. I would suggest putting the link in the comments to make it hyper.

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