Underwhelming Myself

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Scribe Scribbles
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Ugh. So I didn’t get anything writing wise done, that I wanted to get done yesterday. Now, I’m in a funk. I feel like I’m fighting up hill battle that I didn’t need to fall into and on top of that procrastination is biting hard. Why bother it hisses, you’ve all ready muffed it bad this week in the time that you had set aside to write, why bother. 

What about you guys? How are you doing on your writing goals?

Any tips on how I can get my enthusiasm for writing kick-started again? I’ve definitely stalled.  

  1. Robert Stagmer says:

    Don’t you see what you just did? Describing your feelings and reactions is the best part of writing what is real and important. Tell me more of what you are going through. Make it relevant to your story.

  2. H. A. Titus says:

    For me, there are no “fun” ways to kick-start my writing after a funk or procrastination or vacation. I just plunk my rear in the chair and give myself a small, manageable goal (I’d suggest 500 words a day to start, and allow yourself slack on days that you know will be busy…mine are Wednesdays and Sundays). Once you make that commitment to get a certain number of words a day (and don’t cheat!) writing starts to come easier. I’d been doing it steadily from November of last year until January, and some days I was reaching about 2,000 words a day just because I got so excited about my writing. February threw me off because I was pretty sick for most of the month, but I’m back in the saddle now.
    You can do it!

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