Tightening the Camera

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Scribe Scribbles
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I took the photo above, last year at a garden center (which by the way is a great way to beat the winter blahs without breaking the bank) and was delighted at all the detail that the camera picked up.  I love the variegation of the color of the petals, the delicate veining in the blossom.  When you look at the heart of the rose, really look, you find pockets of shadow and light, and so many different colors. The center of the blossom isn’t quite unfurled yet, and there’s this quirked line there that is highlighted by the light. A tiny little line of whimsy in the center of beauty.

I got this shot by backing up, zooming the lens in, and then when it wouldn’t focus the way I wanted to, I re-positioned myself. I’m sure that I looked really weird, backing up, kneeling down, laying down, and half shoving the lens into the rose. I’m sure too, that a professional photographer could tell me all the things I should have done, and didn’t. But for me the delight in digital photography comes from figuring out how to get these kind of shots without the equipment needed for these kinds of shots. It means being creative and persistent and also in making decisions on what I think looks like it would be fascinating as a close up.

What I’m working on this week, is a type of “tightening the camera” in my story. I want to make the details of a character very much like the details you can see in the shot of the rose there.  I need to be very tight on them because I’m trying to keep the tale “character motivated” this time around.  I’ve painted a broader “establishing shot” but because I tend to keep the camera at the end of the boom with characters, I’m really struggling to bring in the focus and keep it interesting.

Doing this also makes things around the edges, blur.  Oh, I have a feeling I’m going to be writing laying down, in a crouch, with my face pressed up against the screen, and all kinds of other ways this week. Pray for me Scribes, and if you dare, try the same thing!  Really show the quirking whimsy in the heart of your beautiful characters. Keep the cameras focused tight. Let me know what happens or if you’re going to try “tight shots” this week.

And if anyone has any tips for writing detail without slowing down the action, feel free to share. 

P.S. I’m pretty good at not “info dumping” I have the other problem. You know, like not saying what color skin/eyes/hair the main character has at all. I mean I know what color they are, but I forget to put that in the story in a non-dump manner.

  1. Kathy Black says:

    Beautiful rose. I am going to send a copy to someone and make them smile. And the info about characters was good too.

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