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Posted: March 6, 2012 in Scribe Scribbles
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This is going to be a short post, just because I am not really suppose to be writing at the moment. Well, not writing here.  Anyway, moving quickly on, a pal of mine Emily Bradburn, had a fascinating post recently where you could ask her characters questions and “they” would answer them.  I had tons of fun singling out Ain, her heroine from The Golden Fly story she’s working on right now. Then I thought, I know, I’ll trot out some of my tried and true characters, and a couple of the new ones I’ve been creating/discovering and let those interested, ask questions.  Then, I thought, but that’s so boring. There are lots and lots of people who have characters that are more interesting than mine. So, here’s the challenge, Scribes. Pick a hand full of your characters, and let people ask them questions.  I’m going to say, no more than three.  I’ll go first and you can kinda crib from the template if you want. Ready? Here goes:


Valentine Capp:

Character type: Hero
Archetype: Best friend/Adventurer
Personality type: Extroverted
Character Flaw:  Pride
Character Strength: Loyalty
Character trait: Verbosity (he’ll talk the hind legs off a bear)

Now, those of you who know a little bit about him, feel free to ask a question or two, or three. Or twelve. You know as well as I do he won’t shut up.  For those who don’t know him, Valentine is an outcast and a guide-for-hire.  Through a series of strange events, he has taken a life-time vow never to lie. His most famous line to date is “When you’re searching for the truth, it makes the most sense to hire the fellow who can’t speak false things to you.”

I think I’ll make your choosing, a family affair. So moving onward in the Capp family we have: 


Character type: Heroine 
Archetype: Boss/Professor
Personality Type: Introverted
Character Flaw: Pride

Character Strength: Sacrificial
Character Trait: Philosophical   

Keigh is Valentine’s younger half sister, and twin to Torque. She wears her father’s name “Like a cloak, like an all-covering garment” and also as penance. She is the reason that Valentine is an outcast among his own people. She is also slated to lead the clan, as her father did, before the desert took him.  Her most notable line to date is  “Better to be a beggar among the bones of honorable men, then to rule a clan of thieves.”

Character type: Hero
Archetype: Adventurer/Professor
Personality Type: Extroverted
Character flaw: Pride
Character Strength: Self Mastery
Character Trait: Curiosity

Torque is Valentine’s younger half-brother, and twin to Keigh.  He is not at all repentant about driving Valentine away, and claims it is the best work he has ever done and the grandest thing for his people that his brother is no longer among them. He is slated, with Keigh, to rule the clan. He’s also soon to be married and his most notable line to date is “I am an honest villain.” 

So, if you like, ask your questions in the comments below, and hopefully these three will cooperate, and give me replies to pass along.


  1. @Valentine, are you technical? i.e. if you got stranded in a spaceship due to some malfunction could you patch it and get a move on or do you not know even enough to get one off the ground? @Keigh, how do you feel about leading your tribe with your brother, or for that matter, leading period? @Torque, how in the world did you get your name?

    • “Yeah Nate, I am. I mean when you bounce around in the galaxy odd-jobbing you pick up a good working knowledge of mechanics. Now I’m no pilot, you have to be certified for that so if I’m on my own in a ship, I’m in big trouble.

      I don’t know why I’d be on my own in a ship. Did everyone leave and not tell me? Why would they do that? Hey! No really, why would they do that Nate?

      I could hit the distress beacon I suppose, those are standard, but then you never know who’d show up. And there are a lot of people I’d rather not be found by. Especially if I’m stranded in a ship I can’t fly in the void.

      I’m a good trouble shooter on ship and in a pinch I can work as a navigator but I can’t fly one. Don’t normally need to, Michaeli’ina’s a fine pilot even if she does threaten to heave me out the airlock from time to time.

      But why would she leave me alone in a ship? You know something I don’t know, don’t you?”


      “This is Keigh, Nathanael. Torque and I have a unique bond, and where he is bold, I am reserved. Where he would launch out, I hold back. We are well balanced. Leading itself is hard. There is a great deal of stress and heartache involved in it. Like my father, I have to set aside what I want and think not of myself but the tribe as a whole. A good leader doesn’t think of themselves independent from their people, but rather, as their people. What hurts them, devastates me. What is a blessing for them, is a glory for me.”


      “Hullo Scott. Well, I admit it’s an unusual one, the name I mean, but my mother gave it to me because of how I was born. Keigh came out just fine, but I was stuck, and the wrenching twist needed to bring me forth fit hand in glove with a prophecy of my people. It runs along the lines of the second born son of the winter wind, being torqued at birth, and ruling his people in power and in wisdom, and tightening the grip of them on the land long ago promised. So, with my father taken by the desert my mother crowned me “Torque” and took to herself for provision and comfort, my uncle, his brother, as husband. No other questions? Huh, I got off light.”

  2. For all the characters: What is the most important thing in life to you?

    • Valentine:

      “Who let Storyteller in here? I don’t remember signing anything that said that they could ask questions that were deep and meaningful.” He sighs, and pinches the bridge of his nose between his eyes. “It’s a loop hole, isn’t it? They got in here by way of a loop hole. Or a plot hole. Plot holes are worse, they often lead to other stories. They’re still here aren’t they? All right, I’ll fess up, if they go away. Agreed? All right. The most important thing in life to me is getting back to my people, my tribe, and making sure every last one of them knows the truth.”


      “The most important thing to me, in this life, is that my people be safe, and strong, and let go of the falsehoods and fears that keep them bound to the traditions of men long dead.”


      “The most important thing to me is making sure my people have the time and the space to flourish. If that means making an alliance with the walled cities, so be it. If it means going to battle, so be it. If it means turning the sand white with blood, so be it.”

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