Beautiful People? Ah, not so much but they’re my resident “character couple”

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Inkspots

Totally and completely stole this from Thoughtsofashieldmaiden (aka Merry aka Wild Hearted Whirligig, aka my very young apprentice, aka Mirriam Neal) and yes, aka should be pronounced “Ah-KAH-Ah” as a word and not AKA.  It’s like coughing. Aka. Yes, I know you were told it was alphabet soup for Also Known As, but where would be the fun in says ‘a’ ‘k’ ‘a’? We’re writers, we can get away with making things into other things. It’s part of the job requirement.  You didn’t know that? Tsk tsk tsk check your contractual obligations my word loving friends. You’ll find it there under the part about knowing that an octopus having three hearts.

Anyway, moving onwards  to the quiz to be applied to my paired characters. Valentine and Michaeli’ina are a nice couple because they’re pretty much best friends moving towards being more than that. Oh, and Valentine can talk the hind legs off a centipede.

1. Do they believe in anything that most people think is impossible?

Michaeli’ina :  She has a primary negative outlook on life and of the pair of them, is the cynic.  She staunchly refuses to believe most things until she has concrete evidence of them.  Valentine would say even then, she doesn’t believe until the not-believing becomes rather ludicrous.  She would like to believe.  She’s very much like Mulder from the X-Files who carries this melancholy “I Want to Believe” hope with him through out the series.

Valentine:   He has a more positive outlook on life  believes that  he will have his happily ever after, despite all that he has been through. He looks past the moment,  and  refreshes his soul in the Lord, looking back over what he has been brought through and triumphed over, and projects that knowledge into the future. Sort of a “Since He has done this for me in the past and brought me through that, of course He will take me through this, and be magnified.”  He would also point out, Michaeli’ina’s not yet abandoned him and that’s a bit of a miracle in its own right.

2. Are they strong, or the “damsel/knight in distress” sort?

Michaeli’ina: She’s physically strong, possesses a ‘gift’ of sorts and wings for flight.  She has learned to hunt both animals and people, and scrabbles around the base of society working when and how she can. She has an aimless kind of life, the point of which is basically to attract as little attention as possible. She’s seen how people and beings abuse and sell one another and has learned that no one can be trusted 100% for everyone has their price.

Valentine: He’s fit, but not as strong as Michaeli’ina. Because in most places he’s out-muscled he has to rely on other talents, like his wit and words to talk himself out of situations. He  works as a ‘locator.’  He has a network of contacts, favors he can call in, a mind as sharp as any double-edged sword.

3. Do they have a special place? (e.g. a corner in his/her bedroom, under a tree…)

Michaeli’ina:  The sky. In storm or wind, sunset or still air. It doesn’t matter, she wants to be a-wing

Valentine:  An archive or library

4. What occupation do they have, or plan on having?

Michaeli’ina: She’s a hunter for hire. Not a bounty hunter, she doesn’t do bounties.

Valentine:  He’s a finder. He finds things for people. Whether he tells them where they are or not, is up to him. He’s never failed yet.

5. Describe their current place of residence.

Michaeli’ina : Currently she is camping on the backside of a desert, and she is not fond of the sand, but she’s on a hunt and being well paid to find what someone wants found. She’s called on Valentine to help her out because he knows the area.  That’s how they got to know one another, their fields overlap, but Valentine’s better at it than she is, he’s got more friends that are willing to help him out.

Valentine: In a sand trap with a busted leg and only half a canteen of water. He went out to scout the day ahead of where Michaeli’ina is and ran into some trouble with people who were looking for what he was looking for, and decided not to share.  He’s not happy. He’s also not thinking real clearly at the moment, and is talking to himself.

6. Explain their last crisis. How had they changed when they came out of it.

Michaeli’ina: In this last incident, Michaeli’ina has to face the fact that she really does care rather deeply for her jabber-jaw mag pie friend, and more than that, she would be willing to lose if he was allowed to win. That scares her badly and she moves away from Valentine emotionally as well as physically.

Valentine: In this last incident, he has to face the fact that there will come a time when he can’t talk his way out of a dead-end and that being a finder while lucrative and exciting does not make for a long and pleasant life.  He  becomes more sober and Michaeli’ina’s moving away makes him decide that it’s time for a change of work. He wants to have a family and a place of safety, and he can’t do that in the field of work he’s currently enjoying.

7. If they could drive any kind of car they wanted, what would it be?

Michaeli’ina:  She has wings. No car can compare with that.

Valentine:  Any car that’d beat one Eristor was driving.

8. How do they deal with change?

Michaeli’ina: Michaeli’ina often is the agent of change, when change is brought to her life she doesn’t react well to it. Usually someone (Valentine) is on fire because of it.

Valentine:  He gets rather restless if things remain the same too long, and he’d rather ride out to meet change, if it’s coming, than wait for it to show up in his camp.

9. If they had to amputate one body part, which one would they choose?

Michaeli’ina: Valentine’s ever-prattling mouth.  Oh, you meant of her own?  She says stay away from her wings. 

Valentine: He’s fine with everything being connected, he says. Thanks anyway.  He’s also all ready missing an arm.


10. What would their favorite be at the local coffee shop?

Michaeli’ina: Mint hot chocolate, with extra whipped cream on top.

Valentine: Roobius Tea, unsweetened.


Ah, that’s all for tonight. I’ll have to do the rest 😉 in the morning. Enjoy!

  1. Lauren S. says:

    They sound like fascinating people – Valentine especially. Did he really lose an arm?

    They seem like a great couple. 🙂

    • Thanks Lauren! Yeah, they are rather neat-o, Valentine is a great fun to right because he uses his words and wit as weapons rather than brute strength. He’s definitely wily and can talk his way out of nearly any situation. They work well together because they’re both looking for a safe place and to be loved so they’re the same down inside but outside, they’re very different.

    • And yes, Valentine has a mechanical arm, his dominate one was lost to a man trap while he was looking for something for someone. He’s cobbled together an intermediate replacement and is saving up for a real cybernetic model.

  2. Mirriam says:

    That’s pathetic, Capp. – Eristor

    • Says the one-armed fellow about to get sea-sick. –Vosh

      • Mirriam says:

        You’d better watch your mouth, Capp, because I”m going to rip it off and throw it to the merrows.
        – Eristor

      • Is that before, or after you lose your breakfast all over your bedsheets? I want to write this on my appointment calendar. . .you know, so I can make time for it.

      • Mirriam says:

        You’d better be careful. Eristor is coming over to that world and he’s got Krit on his side.

      • I should fear a sea sick elf? HA


      • Mirriam says:

        Eristor isn’t seasick, he’s perfectly adapted to sea life. Eristor says to come up with an insult better than that. (He interjected a few names, but I won’t type them).

      • Valentine says he wasn’t being insulting, just reflecting on the weak-stomached nature of Eristor and Elves in general.

      • Mirriam says:

        Eristor says show him someone with a weak stomach, and he’ll show you Vosh after losing a battle of wits. Kmpf.

      • Valentine says at least he can have a battle of wits, he can’t do that with Eristor, because in such a contest, Eristor isn’t armed.

      • Mirriam says:

        Eristor says he IS armed, he just prefers to not lord it over the weaker man.

      • Valentine is standing here, just shaking his head in a sad, condescending way. He says that Eristor would fail so badly in such a battle that Sienna would be moved to want to hug the downed and trampled elf. And then, she’d fight FOR him. Uhhuh. Sienna would CHAMPION Eristor cos he got beat so badly.

        Oh, that is a buuuurn there.

      • Valentine is standing here, just shaking his head in a sad, condescending way. He says that Eristor would fail so badly in such a battle that Sienna would be moved to want to hug the downed and trampled elf. And then, she’d fight FOR him. Uhhuh. Sienna would CHAMPION Eristor cos he got beat so badly.

        Oh, that is a buuuurn there.

      • Mirriam says:

        Eristor is furious now, but it’s righteous fury. He says he would NEVER, EVER allow a woman to fight for him EVER – there is NO way in Amar’s kingdom he would allow such a thing. He’s coming after Vosh with plans.

      • Who said anything about allowing a woman to fight for him? Valentine says she just WOULD. He’d be on the ground, stunned by his inability to articulate things and she’d leap to his rescue. And Valentine says there’s nothing wrong with that, ladies are suppose to defend those being slaughtered O:)

  3. Mirriam says:

    SORRY, SORRY, SORRY – Eristor got hold of my account there. I love Vosh AND Mich *glares at Eristor* – even if Vosh tries to one-up Eristor. (It’s impossible, Vosh, get over it)

    • Valentine says there’s got to be a way to get the better of ole’ Scowly-face-Pointy-Ears, and that he’ll find it. No man, sorry, elf, is that invulnerable.

      I don’t know why he’s so fixated on “one upping” Eristor. Hmm.

  4. Galadriel says:

    Ah, so this is the Valentine I have heard so much about. Pleased to meet them both.

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