Celebration of Light & Color (and flowers)

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Inkspots, Scribe Scribbles
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Those of you who know me well (SCRIBES), know I’ve had some issues with vision. Today I was at my eye specialist. After a morning of waiting, dilation, testing, and more waiting I got the news that I am “stable” (at least my eyes are, no word on the rest of me) which is great news in that the issue isn’t any worse. It’s not better, which is what I have been hoping and praying about, but it’s no worse. To celebrate this good news after a long nap this afternoon, I went for a long walk and took my camera along. I found a hawk feather for Mom (she washed it to kill the mites) and it’s now drying on the kitchen counter on a paper towel. You, however, you do not get hawk feathers. You get natural occurring fireworks I found:


Pink dogwoods against a clear sky of the most vivid pale blue, (everyone all together now Ooohhhhh).


White dogwoods that are only tolerable because they aren’t in the direct sunlight. They hurt to look at in the sun, they were so white-blue.  Look at the lovely purpling on their tips. (Ahhhhhhhhhhh)

Ready for some more? Of course you are!

Rataltaltaltlatlatlatlatlatlat. Oh my, what could that be?

Red buds! With their small  heart-shaped flowers they steal the show! They are a delicate  flowering chain of pyrotechnics committed to setting the sky on fire in pink waves. (Ooooooo)


And the cherry blossoms aren’t far behind. With their demure rose explosions they are  putting on  quite a show!

That’s it for the fireworks, but not for the fire crackers! I direct your attention Scribes and Wanders not to the area over your head but rather down near your feet. Watch out for the


Pansies are sparking against the soil, igniting flashes of color all over the place!  (Ooooooooohhhhh)

Tulips!  (Ooooooooooooooo)
Please take a moment to see that your shoes are not kindled a light from this beauty, and then as you go on your way, remember to take your cameras with you when you walk.

Also, remember that sight is a precious gift given to us by a loving Lord who picked out these shapes, colors, and scents for our enjoyment!  Thank you for your prayers, my friends, they were greatly appreciated today.

Encourage one another Scribes!


Be brilliant, be peculiar, be peculiarly brilliant.

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