WANTED: Dead & Alive

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Inkspots, Musings, Scribe Scribbles
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I think I kinda understand what you’re saying Chila.

I’ve found though, sometimes you have to explain.

My experience, not really anything like hers, went like this.

“Michelle died in Ireland. Due to spiritual and emotional abuse on the Missions Field she died. DOA. She was murdered by the Religiosity in the Church. It wasn’t her fault, and for a long time she huddled in her grave-clothes looking at all the living people around her and wondered why she hadn’t been saved. Other people got to recover and bounce back. Other people weren’t fatally wounded. Why not her? She had to explain to those she met in the church that she was dead (that’s why she stunk and was unpalatable to them) and she had to explain that she was wrapped up in a shroud (which is why she couldn’t worship) and every so often people shoved her back in the tomb to keep her silent. I mean, having a zombie-christian lurching around the sanctuary just wasn’t to be tolerated! New life! Over comers! Victors! That’s what the church wanted everyone to see. Then, He came along. Oh, she’d known Him before. He’d actually asked her to go to Ireland. She was furious with Him. He could have prevented her death and He didn’t. Really, it was His fault she was a christian-zombie.

He hung out with her in the tomb. He didn’t leave no matter how bad she stunk. He didn’t mind that she no longer worshiped like everyone else. One day He asked her if she wanted to live again. She threw a brick at Him, but He dodged. She told Him that had to be the stupidest question one person ever asked another. He told her she’d be surprised at the number of people who didn’t want to live again, who were happy in their grave-clothes and tombs. Life came with risk. It came with free will. It was easier to stay dead than to be resuscitated. The Religiosity of the Church had left her alone when she was dead. If she lived again, well, it wouldn’t be happy. Michelle thought about what He said for a long time. She’d watched Him do things she couldn’t do. She’d seen Him going places she wasn’t able to follow because of the grave-clothes. He was having adventures. He was having fun. He was hanging out with some cool people. He spent time with her, was there for her, always. But she started to want to go with Him when He had adventures. She had to choose. She also had to get help choosing. He didn’t mind that at all. In fact, He showed up at her sessions.

One morning, she woke up, and hurt more than she had hurt in decades. She sobbed deep messy snotty tears, roared angry hurting words, and then as He held her, she let go of those that had helped to kill her. He breathed life, His own breath into her mouth, and she became a living being. Now, Michelle is not dead, but she was. And the Religiosity of the Church snarls and stabs at her and claws at her. But she smiles, and dances. She learned Lazarus’ secret. When you’ve died, and come back, death is no longer a terror. The Religiosity of the Church has lost its greatest weapon. She knows who really has the power of life and death. And, she’s much more interested in having adventures with Him, than fearing the Church.”

I suppose, that might just make her dangerous. Which, when I think about it, was probably His plan all along.

Did she have to hurt to become dangerous? I don’t know. I do know that Lazarus hurt.  But he didn’t stay dead, and neither has Michelle.  When Lazarus  was resurrected, the Pharisees sought his life too*. He was that dangerous.  So is she.  Why? He knew the truth, wasn’t afraid of death, and most importantly, was a friend of Jesus. She knows the truth too, isn’t afraid of death (it’s hard to be afraid of something you’ve gone through once all ready and you know what is on the other side) and this is her glorious hope. She’s a friend of Jesus’ too.

Why am I sharing this? Why am I referring to myself in the third person?  Well, because I’ve had several people talk about deep death-hurt they’ve had recently. I want to encourage them that they don’t have to stay in their grave-clothes.  And, Chila posted about it.

Ideas are contagious.  Now Scribes, here’s a challenge for you: Blog about your own death. I’ve told you how I died. Tell me how you did. Let me see the glory and power of the One who Was Dead and Is Alive Forever More in your life!

Encourage one another, Scribes.

*John 12:10-11

  1. Kaleb says:

    Deep death-hurt? I don’t think I’ve felt that before. For that matter, I don’t feel anything, or when I do, it’s very muted and weak.

    Religioisty in the Church? I’m not even really sure what that is, though I suppose it may have been what happened to the first church I went to. Not to my current church though, that I’m sure.

    • Religiosity in the Church is whenever the traditions of long-dead men are used to oppress, silence, manipulate, or deter people. The Pharisees tied laws around the people that were not from the Lord, to make themselves feel better. The Religiosity of the Church is what physically worked to kill Christ (they were afraid people would follow Him and not them).
      Yes yes, it was planned before the earth was made, yes yes, He laid down His life and no one took it for him, yes yes it was for MY sins that He died, but the physical working out of that was done through the manipulation of the Religiosity of the Church of that day (The synagog).

      If you haven’t come up against it, Kaleb, you will one day. I’m happy for you if you haven’t, but it’s there all the same. And it will kill you given half a chance. 😉

      • Kaleb says:

        Okay. I see what you mean now. Neither of the churches I’ve been a member of had anything like that.

        Oh, I’m hard to kill. Probably partially because I was part of the Sea Cadets, and part of it from being indifferent to what others think, especially if they seem like arrogant know it alls who believe they arr always right and rub it in. They invalidate almost everything they say with that attitude.

  2. Kathy Black says:

    I too was a victim of death and destruction of part of me. And I had to watch while people destroyed my reputation, which was the only good thing I valued. And the worst part of all of this was that I hadn’t done anything wrong but follow the Holy Spirit. I told a pastor, caught in the religious establishment, that my vision was different than his. Well, he didn’t like that because he couldn’t be in control of me, and my prayer ministry. We wanted to take our marching orders from a special board of Pastors and not just one. But the one wanted what the others had, and was willing to kick me to the curb to get it. He didn’t get it, because others who were stronger than me stood in his way. However, I stepped away because I thought maybe I was the problem; or some way I was behaving, was the problem. And for years, I gave up on myself and the gifts of God within me. After much soul searching, I found out there was something flawed in me. I had some personality issues that made me a victim. And they needed to be healed. And it took God about eight years to heal and deliver me. But not only did God resurrect me; he healed me, and taught me how not to be a victim again. Lessons I would not have learned without the support of Michelle and her dad. And I know that they can’t kill me again either, or make me their victim, because the part of me that died was turned over to Jesus. He filled me with new wine, inside my new wine skin, and this victory is sweet because it came from God. And I am a whole new creation in that part of me that was damaged. How like God to allow just what I needed to heal me, to assault me, so that those hidden things, I didn’t know were there, could be turned over to Him. And in His timing and His awesome ways…I could be made ready to do even greater works for Him than I have done in the past. Onward and upward Christian Soldiers, follow Him! You can take on whatever assaults you and still have the victory! But it usually isn’t like instant coffee..it takes time, trust, and prayer.

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