Celebrate with me! Of the books listed by description only below I’ve found TWO out of the THREE I was looking for. I’ll tell you how in a second, but before I do here are the names of the books I was looking for, in case the description I gave you made you want to read them too.

The first is a book for YA and it deals with an orphan girl who is convinced she was raised by a she-bear in a future time when there are no animals left. I remember that she crawls into a mechanical lion at a zoo at one point, and makes it belch, I remember that she is driven to find the she-bear that raised her even though everyone in the whole book doubts here. Oh, there are other parts that only gray-half remembered memories now, but it is the last line of the book  that will not let my memory rest: “Their lips met(or came together) with the sound of rain on water” The whole book is a search for self, and this juxtaposition of a girl who believes wild things and can not be tamed, and a boy who is her friend through thick and thin, steady, and sweet.  I have no idea who the author is, and no idea what the title could be.

The Title of this book is : The Engineer of the Beasts by Scott R Sanders

The second book that will not rest in peace, is another YA title. It deals with a far future society, with corporate secrets, with a girl who teams up with a corporate guard to figure out who is planning a bio-weapon that would rock the corporate structures of their city down to the ground and give the earth back to the green and growing things. The society reminds me of Rome, and the words tunic and toga are used to illustrate dress. The main character’s mother turns out to be the one that is making the bio-weapon and there’s a lovely poignant scene that happens over the water on boats, or hover sleds and the main character realizes her mother would choose her daughter’s death if it meant that her plan succeeded.   Several scenes later, the main character is holding a little girl on her lap, and murmuring to her and soothing her, and the contrast is so stark in my memory it makes me tear up. Again, I have no idea what the title of such a book is, nor who penned it.

The Title of this book is: Light Raid by Connie Willis and Cynthia Felic

Now, I know you’re wondering “Scribe, how in the wide worlds did you find these books with only a bare bones description?”

The answer, is Good Reads “What’s the Name of That Book?!” group for one, and a friend who will have her Masters in Library Science, for the other. She was the one that pointed me to the Good Reads book group and really, that’s the one that I think could help anyone find what they’re looking for. I highly recommend joining the group if you’re well read even if you aren’t looking for anything yourself. Lots of readers are desperately trying to put their own book-phantoms to rest and your help could be invaluable. I helped someone find a  Timothy Zahn book they were looking for and felt great doing so. Share your knowledge, and share your love of reading!

Encourage one another, Scribes.


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