Word Flirt: Overclocked

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Scribe Scribbles
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I do it all the time, I find a word or term and it piques my interest (like the word pique) and then I root around and look at the different definition of the word in various sources.  The word or phrase begins popping up in my work,  and I have to guard against spattering it all over the internet. Today, my new word is overclocked. It basically means to change the running speed of a CPU and push the device (usually for gaming purposes) past the manufacturer’s design. It’s the past participle of the word overclocking  . It’s such a cool word.

It sounds cool overclocked.

He overclocked the verbs in his  sentence.

She’s overlocking the plot right now, this book is going to be amazing.

The reviews are heaped with praise, they’ve never seen an author overclock characters like this before.

Valentine shoved Michaeli’ina against the ground and yanked off the side panel of his mechanical arm as he crouched beside her. “Stay down, I’m overclocking the power converter and it’s going to overload the unit”

“And that’s going to do what?” she snapped.

“Boom” he panted and fisted laser at the thundering auveramar. The grinding gears gave a wail as his arm began to shake, the fingers glowing as the metal heated and he choked, holding his shoulder tight against his chest. A white ball of crackling, roiling power surged from his fingertips and into the yawning maw of the averamar.  Valentine jerked backwards


Bone fragments and pieces of the over bred travel wyrm  rained down

Micheali’ina looked up at him, her arms over her head.  “Next time, maybe do the overclocking when it isn’t going to explode all over us.”

What about you Scribes? What words have tickled your imagination recently? Post your finds below!

  1. Kathy Black says:

    when you used it in your writing; it sounded so plausible and just great. I think you meant to use overclocking in the third sentence but it is missing the c. Great job, though on making it sound as if it is a REAL science fiction word.

  2. Galadriel says:

    Sounds like a word the Doctor would like

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