Paper Tigers Naked Souls.

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Inkspots, Musings

I have made some of the best writer-friends since I created a group on Face Book. The League  came out of another group, one that united to surprise a shared author on his birthday so it was rather unexpected.

We celebrated our year-a-versary in March but the funny thing is, I feel like I’ve known most of those in the League for eons.  Part of that reason is because I know their writing and their characters their paper tigers.

Because we don’t see each other face to face most of the time, we learn about each other from the inside out. The immortal meets the immortal, and then the clay and earth meet later.  I know  my Scribe friends hopes, dreams, and eternal longings because I  read the heroes that they create. I know their doubts, fears, hates, worries, and bitter tears because I read their villains.

Every time a writer puts words down on paper, they flip themselves inside-out.

It’s wild.  It’s addicting.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Any one else find it interesting to flip inside out? Or get to know someone who has flipped themselves, inside out?

  1. davidrlar says:

    Turning myself inside-out was one of the biggest reasons I started to write. I continue to do it, though I was convicted today for not doing it often enough anymore. Rewriting time!

    I used to turn myself inside-out through music, and I still do, but I have also come to a deep discovery that writing transparently is one of the easiest, best, and scariest things you can do. It’s been good for me.

    Books that are printed with blood are usually the ones that move you the most and stay with you the longest.

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