The Who The What and the Where

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Inkspots
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Well I’m the who (no relation to the band) and I am on VACATION (the what for those playing along at home) and the WHERE is Indiana. That’s right, I’m in Indiana.  I’m visiting friends who have recently graduated and having a marvelous time. Check out some of the picks!

I’ve been hanging out at the Lilly Library–seen here. Sorry for the clipped photo, I’ll try for a better one tomorrow but with the construction fences around the front, it makes it difficult to get a good look.  I have also gone and eaten at:

Really authentic place, with good food and good music (except for the bagpipes but that’s my own dislike speaking there) and really cool interior.

I had the lamb stew and Irish soda bread which was delicious. My friends had corned beef and cabbage and leg of lamb and thought those were just as good as what I had ordered.

I’ll definitely be back.

I’ve also had the privileged to see and hold rare manuscript treasures at the Lilly Library including;  a Babylon cuneiform tablet over 2,000 years old, letters from the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Blaise Pascal letters (my HERO) and  drawings as well as mathematical formula by Johann Kepler (also my HERO).  Just amazing, mind-blowing stuff really. I’m in Scribe seventh heaven. I’ll try for more detail and a pick or two of what I’ve described later this week. Hopefully I’ll get something up later today. Right now, I’m off to bed. I have a date with banana pancakes in the morning!

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