The Walking Dead

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Heroes, Musings
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I just wanted to take a moment and talk about my Great Uncle Ed. I don’t know a whole lot about him, other than my grandfather said that he was an easy-going guy who was always laughing and smiling and had a tender heart.

That was before the Great War.

While I don’t know, and  no one in the family knows much about what happened to Great Uncle Ed in World War One, there are some tidbits that filtered through.

He loved his country  and his friends enough to join up and defend them.
He served in the cavalry.
He had his horse shot out from under him at least once.

Uncle Ed never really came home. Somewhere  in Europe, on blood soaked fields or in trenches riddled with the skulls of heroes, my Great Uncle Ed quietly died.

Somehow his heart missed the signal to stop beating, his lungs missed the signal to stop inflating, and his body forgot to lie down.

His body came home with the rest of the heroes and walking dead. For a while, my family rejoiced. For a while, they were fooled by his frame haunting the places he loved so dear.

But Uncle Ed was gone.

His body finally fixed the problem of living without a soul, by taking in copious amounts of alcohol.  That  spirit cleared up the signals that had gotten scrambled in the trenches. One day his heart finally stopped beating, his lungs squeezed out that final breath, and his body laid down properly.

Today, I remember my uncle, and today I grieve for all the other heroes who died on the battlefield and whose confused frames came home without them.

I love you, Uncle Ed. I look forward to seeing you again in heaven and hearing your stories.    And I honor you, Unc, by honoring those who fought and died as you did.

Thank you, to all who like my Great Uncle left part of themselves in the darkest part of hell on earth, that I might never have to go there myself.

You are my heroes.

I pray for you and for your families.

I pledge to live more aware of the precious gift you have given me, may the Lord of Hosts  keep you and all those you love.

What about you, Scribes? Who are you honoring in your hearts today, the day set aside for the fallen heroes? Tell me in the comments below.

  1. Gee says:

    Poignant and inspirational.

  2. Galadriel says:

    It’s important to remember those too, the ones who “survived” but still lost so much.

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