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Posted: July 2, 2012 in Musings
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I’m one of those that really enjoy thunderstorms. But Fridays’ storm was not one to savor. The lightning came so quickly that it resembled more of a strobe light than a storm. I had to close my eyes several times because of the frequency of the bursts.  I was up in my bedroom, watching through the window when my alarm clock switched off and then back on again. On the other side of the hall way I heard “Press review for set up instructions.” Which meant that the phone in my office had lost power and regained it, resetting the guide. The fan over head stopped humming, the blades sliding through the hot air with less force than before, and then they kicked up their whirl wind again. “Oh no” I groaned. Sure enough several minutes later “Press review for set up instructions” sounded again and the fan overhead hiccuped. I got up and turned it off as the lightning flashes made my room resemble a scene from Saturday Night Fever.  Then with a cessation of sounds, power ceased to flow through my home. Within minutes, the heat coiled like an anaconda around me, squeezing out sweat.  Even in the dark, even without electronics running,  it was hot.

In between peals of thunder my head dipped close, closer, closest to the pillow and I slept. Fading  into dreams,  I hoped against hope to wake to the power being back on.

In the morning, I woke to hot, still air in the room. But also to the bright piping of a bird singing loud and sweet in the stillness.  I heard a cicada start chattering. I heard the giggle of children and the louder, rowdier  laughing of teens.  Someone opened and closed a car door down the street. Two people walking by the curb murmured liquid sounding words in an Asian tongue. Crows took up the descant to the bird’s melody. The wind groaned around the side of the house, and sighed in the leaves that made light and shadow chase each other over my room.

The power didn’t come on until Sunday morning @ 2:00AM and I learned a lot more about myself in the heat and the misery of the weekend, but one of the bright things I learned is that turning off electronics helps me to tune in, Yahweh’s creation.

For those of you in the North East, or anyone who has gone through a long power outage, what discoveries did you make?

  1. Gee says:

    Enjoyed the post and your vivid descriptions.

    • Thanks Gee! Glad you guys aren’t caught in the wind, fire, or storms that have been going on recently. But it’s hotter than the inside of Cerberus’s mouth though where you are!

  2. Megan-Marie says:

    Even though the most intense power outage of my life was during that big winter storm in ’05 or whenever it was–I don’t even remember–we didn’t have power for several days, 5 days? My room hit 46° and I spent most of the time at Kristine’s ’cause they had a generator. Anyway, I can’t even remember when that was. So it was not the most memorable. The most memorable power outage of my life was the first time, for me, it was ever out for 24 hours. On March 25, an ice storm caused me to truncate my home-alone-while-her-parents-were-at-the-cabin week with Kristine.

    Diary, March 26, 2002: “The power is bloody out!! Today’s mom’s birthday, so this morning when I get up, I give her her present (CD), and then we make a cake. Then we sit down to watch Galaxy Quest. 3:35? The power kicks, and we hear we might not get it until tomorrow! I tell you! What am I supposed to do all bloody day without electricity?! No music, no computer. . . at Jungle Jump-Off we wouldn’t need it, nothing was designed to be used for electricity there. AH! Why am I jumping at shadows? Maybe I shouldn’t have watched “The Haunting” O:-) HUGH CRAINE!!! Sorry. A, a, a. . . Here you can’t breathe without needing electricity! *Sigh*! I’m gonna go take a nap. Good night!”

    It came back noon the next day, March 27, 2002, which is also when we were told Kari was having her baby. March 27/28 was also back to Kristine’s to resume overnight fun times. So, yeah, most memorable power out of all time. I learned that it’s really annoying to lose power in the middle of the afternoon when there is no chance of going to bed anytime soon, and that modern homes are not built to live without power 😉 And I’m still rocking both those lessons 10 years later!

    • 😀 good lessons. definitely applicable. And yeah, I was glad I was in bed close to sleepy time anyway but ugh, it was the thought that there wouldn’t be power in the morning that was so nasty. I think I would have been in a better mood if it had gone off after I was all ready asleep.

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