Shameless Self-Promoting

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Inkspots

Yeah, it’s that time, the “shameless self promoting time” that I feel rather shy about. However, this is two months in the making so I feel somewhat justified in banging pots and pans together to get your attention.

[Imagine clanging sound here]

This is what I’ve been working on in my spare time, and while it’s all rather new to me, I’m really enjoying it.  I’m still working on getting my balance between reading, reviewing, and writing but I would greatly appreciate it if you would click on the picture below (it’ll take you to my review) and either there or HERE wherever you are comfortable leaving comments, let me know that you read it.  I have all ready “okayed” the linking and the talking about the reviews here at work. While they aren’t really sure what I’m doing, they trust me to be honest and fair there,  as I am at work when telling people about books.

  1. paischaros says:

    Clicking on the photo only brought me to the photo, not the actual review…

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