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Posted: August 10, 2012 in Heroes, Inkspots, Musings, Scribe Scribbles
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I was driving home from work last night, tired, wanting home and wanting the day to be over when I heard what sounded like the rear tire blowing. Flinching as my heart leaped  into my throat I gripped the steering wheel hard and shifted my foot to the brake, beginning to slow down. I checked the rear view to see who was behind me, and saw what looked like rain all over the window. A glance in the side mirrors showed that whoever was behind me was a ways back. I’d just come out from underneath and over pass and wondered what in the world I’d run over, when the back window  began falling inward.  My heart seized, and my brain caught up with what had happened.

It wasn’t a  tire that had exploded, but the rear window. I could hear the air whistling, and then hissing, and then roaring through the open space as  “rain” crinkled and tinkled and fell inward and outward. The headlights of the cars behind me were suns in a sea of darkness and I began accelerating  again. Overhead, there were rumbles of thunder as lightning jumped from cloud to cloud.
Please Lord, just let me get home before the rain comes, and don’t let me kill myself or anyone else   I prayed.

I turned off the A/C and hit the “mute” button on the steering wheel so I could concentrate. All I could hear was the hissing of the wind, the drum-drum-drum of the tires over the highway road joints, and the crack of the glass falling either inside or outside. With a fleeting thought of  I really don’t need this, this week Lord.  Followed by  I hope that this is covered, I don’t need one more blow against my checking account I pulled off the high way, and onto some back roads.  I managed to get my phone out and called home, telling Mom what had happened and she promised she’d have the garage open and ready for me.

It started to rain as I turned onto the road running along the backside of my neighborhood and when I turned into the neighborhood proper all the mature trees were umbrellas for me.  A few more minutes and I was safely home, the rain having decided it wasn’t ready to gush down after all.

Mom helped me file a claim with  my insurance company last night and they  set me up with a glass replacement company who will be coming out today to replace the window, costing me nothing. I didn’t die, nor did I kill anyone on my way home. And, Mom & Dad dealt with the glass company this morning, letting me rest my weary self several hours longer just because they love me.

If that’s not a rescue on all sides, I don’t know what would be.
Thank you, everyone who has prayed for me this week, I’ve certainly had the Lord around me as a shield and buckler this week.
I’m definitely ready for a break from adventures, however, and if I’m not around for a bit, it’s because I’m off glutting on my favorite movies and writing.

What about you Scribes? Any adventures you’ve been enjoying (or not enjoying) this week?  Does  anyone have  prayer requests? I’ll tuck them into my own prayers in the evening if you leave them in the comments below. Don’t want people seeing them? E-mail me  at  and in the title line just write ‘prayer request’

Coram Deo.

  1. Gee says:

    I’m glad you are safe. Bad window! BAD!

  2. Kathy Black says:

    Someone told me this morning that if a back window falls inward like that then it had to be a rock, or “b” “b” or something hitting the window. Since, I don’t know about these things and whatever it was is over….and it will be fixed…I guess the only thing that matters, is that you are okay. We would miss y

  3. Kathy Black says:

    We know you really are a spy! And this was a shoot out, come on fess up!

  4. Kayla says:

    Thank God you’re alright! i’ll continue to pray for you. i love the blog!

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