Christian Speculative Fiction & Hitting the Target Without Unseating Truth

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Inkspots, Musings, Scribe Scribbles
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Working in a Christian bookstore, I hear all the arguments against Speculative Fiction.  It is too far on the margins of fiction, it deals with the what if and presses the boundaries of belief, it is full of heresy.  Most of the time I just keep quiet, as I really love Speculative Christian fiction and even write it myself. But today, something happened that brought me up short.

I ran into an author, who under the guise of Speculative Christian Fiction, is spreading a heresy.

Granted, they had some help from CNN and their recent article on a fragment of Coptic Christian writing, but that’s all they had, some help. What were they saying about this?  The gist of it is this: It makes no difference if Jesus was married or not.  That is a lie, it makes a big difference.  What is the truth? If He had married, it would have been mentioned and He would be the Messiah.

No where in all of Scripture is it mentioned at any time, that the Messiah would marry  or that Jesus married.

No  Nicene Creed agreeing evangelical, liturgical, or charismatic  church has ever  espoused that idea.  This makes that thought a heresy.

That’s a pretty stiff word,  heresy. What does it mean exactly?


1. (Christian Religious Writings / Theology)

a.  an opinion or doctrine contrary to the orthodox tenets of a religious body or church
b.  the act of maintaining such an opinion or doctrine
2. any opinion or belief that is or is thought to be contrary to official or established theory
3. belief in or adherence to unorthodoxIt’s  not a light charge, and I don’t make it lightly either. To believe that Jesus would marry, would have children with a woman, and would live as a common man of sin strikes at His divine nature.

For a full look at the heresy and the rebuttal to it, please click here and see what the Ankleberg Theological Research Institute says about this heresy.


Why am I bringing this ugly topic up?
Speculative Christian fiction, by its nature, pushes to the edges of what might be and what could be.  There is a danger, a grave danger, in pushing too hard and too far.  When you write what might be and what could be, be wary of the borders you warp and the thoughts that you put between the sentences of your stories. If a NYT’s best-selling author can fall into heresy, then so can the rest of us. They are not the first, either, to spread heresy through what they write.

 I don’t say this to discourage you from your chosen genre;  I want to make you sober and vigilant.  I strongly suggest every Christian author that chooses this genre should also pursue Apologetics, and  spend time like the Bereans (Acts 17:11), searching the Scriptures to make certain that what they are saying, matches up with it.What do you study or read, to keep yourself fixed on Christ and how do you check that your flights of fancy do not violate the tenets of  our faith?
  1. Kaleb says:

    What do I do? Nothing. I’m a practical theologian. I have enough trouble learning and being able to explain the tenets that are specifically related to depression, loneliness, and the other struggles whom several of my friends struggle with to really go much farther other than the discussions on HW.
    And other than aliens, I don’t really get at all involved into theological points. Ever.

  2. Kathy Black says:

    This is a heresy. And the link you gave never spoke about the divinity of Christ. Jesus was not just a man, He is, and was, God incarnate. Why would a Divine God mate with a human woman? People just want to make Jesus a man and not God. He was fully man and fully God. Jesus knew He was going to die for humankind. His love is greater than our human love. Is sex sin? When you are married it is not sin. However, sex is given to procreate human life in an enjoyable way.

    Jesus was one with the Creator and was there with God when the world and the universe was created. Jesus had a very different mission than that of an ordinary man. He was God in human flesh created to bear the sins of all humankind. His love for us surpasses any earthly kind of love. Jesus not only knew the reason woman was created, but how she was created because He was there when she was created.

    Paul said plainly in the New Testament: “It is better to not marry so your attention can be on the things God asks of you.” The mission Christ had was holy and set apart from earthly passions. He knew temptation but never sinned even in his thoughts.

    Sometimes people identify with the humanity of Christ because they don’t want to obey the rules of conduct and principles of the Bible. One way of doing that is to make up a “god” in their own image so they can bring God down to their own level and do whatever feels good or right in their own minds. This heresy is particularly horrible because it paints a picture of Christ that does not take into account that He is GOD!

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