Topsey Turvy Vs Be Still Part 2

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Inkspots, Musings
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Today, the news is full of the impending storm, Hurricane Sandy, and people in my area are going to be affected by it. We are going to  lose power, trees might be pulled down, and things are generally going to be messy for a bit. But to hear the way that the media is going on, you’d think it was going to be the end of the world as we know it.

Hurricane Sandy is definitely impressive; it’s over 1,000 miles in diameter and at the moment the winds are measuring between 75-80 miles an hour  which makes it a category 1 hurricane.  It’s crawling along the east coast at 12 miles an hour and  it’s dumping a lot of wind and water over land.  Tidal swells are adding to the issue of flooding, and because we still have leaves on the trees here in the north-east there’s a fear of severe damage to them and to the power lines that they grow around.

Hurricane Sandy, however, is not the end of the world. For one thing, we’ve gotten plenty of warning about it; it’s been the main point of the news for three days.  For another, the winds are not nearly as bad as they were projected to be.  More important than both of those factors is this;  it did not catch the Lord by surprise. He wasn’t napping when Sandy developed.  Jesus didn’t blink and the winds in that moment swirled into the largest storm in recorded weather history.

How do I know this?

It’s part of the “Be Still And Know” command in Psalm 46. The Hebrew word (transliterated) for ‘know’ in this passage is yada.

It means  “To know, to learn, to perceive and see,  find out and discern, discriminate, distinguish, to know by experience,  to recognize, admit, acknowledge, and confess.” That is a lot of meaning packed in a small word, I know.  But look at all the ‘action’ words there. This isn’t a passive knowing; it’s drawing on previous experience  with the Lord. It’s looking at who He is, His character as it were.

So the command is actually something like this,  “Shhh. Hush, cease thrashing about, and remind yourself, remember who I AM. Seek Me out, recognize Me,  admit that I AM who I say I AM and sink into the understanding of Me.”

Yeah. Not as simple as I thought. But, I’ve been practicing doing this in the face of the storm.  It’s not easy. It takes concentrated effort.  But I think I’ve developed a little bit more spiritual muscle by obeying this command.

What about you guys? Any of you up to this challenge? Or have tips for those of us who are attempting it?  Let me know in the comments below.


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