Day One Operation Christmas Child

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Gallery Post, Heroes
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Huttah! We got through DAY ONE of Operation Christmas Child Collection Week. *Whew* Now on to DAY TWO.  I won’t be there today, which guarantees that all the amazing things will happen today! Though I must admit yesterday is going to be hard to beat. We took in over 725 shoe boxes yesterday and if it wasn’t for our AMAZING and PHENOMENAL, and CHRIST LIKE volunteers, we’d be so swamped! Take a look.

It started, like this:

Just a few at first, brought in through the front door. No sweat, I had the people dropping off sign the log books and everything was smooth and easy.  It didn’t stay that way for long. Oh no.

And then a wave of boxes.
And another wave of boxes.

And another and another and another
And another and another and another

There was no end to the convoy of hope and joy that entered the building, though we were beginning to be swamped.

If it weren’t for our volunteers, we would be buried head and shoulders,

The blessings just piled up around our shelves, around our small cubbies and cubbie holes.

The only reason that we were able to do what we did,  is because of our . ..

Phenomenal and amazing volunteers that came in and were our utter heroes, and the prayers of all the saints who surrounded us on this day.

Your prayers, their hands and feet, our facility, and that is how  Jesus got  Day one DONE.

  1. I had the great privilege of delivering OCC boxes in Russia in the late 90’s while on a mission trip with Campus Crusade. It was a great joy to see the items in a shoebox bring such joy to the life of a child with the added joy of seeing so many realize that a Savior waits for them…. It was an amazing experience to be involved in such a project. Blessings to you!

    • That is amazing! I bet you have a wealth of stories of the kids getting boxes and what they meant to them! As well as some fantastic memories.

      I’d love to go and actually hand them out one day. I’m working on getting down to the processing center here in the States too. I really want to see that part as well.

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