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Posted: December 4, 2012 in Musings
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I’m working on a post, documenting some of the fantastic things  that happened during the grief whirlwind at the funeral of my Uncle, but it’s taking a while to get the thoughts together. I want to write the things down, because I want to remember. I want to remember how the Lord met me in a place that was one of the darkest and most chaotic I have ever been in; I want to share it with you but I want to write it for me. This is how I get through the hard times, I think back to the times that were just as hard and remember how He carried me through.

There’s actually a Biblical model for this, found in 1 Samuel 30:6. David wasn’t king of anything at this point (except vagabonds and outcasts) His camp had been raided while he and the outcasts were out scouting. Their wives and children and supplies had been carried away.

I can’t imagine the horror of coming back and finding my house on fire, but worse still would be the knowledge that someone had set it on fire and taken my spouse and kids, and was planning to do horrific things to them.  The not knowing who had done it would be bad enough, but then if my neighbors suffered the same fate, and held me responsible because it had been my idea to go out and scout? I’d be looking for a way to change my name and enter a witness protection plan.

David had no such luxury.    His men were tossing around the idea of stoning him.  They were grieved, and they were furious, and he was in their cross hairs. All that anger and all that adrenaline had to go somewhere.  David didn’t run away, and he didn’t hide. Instead he  encouraged himself in the LORD. While the scripture isn’t specific about how he did that, I’ve a good idea.  I am pretty certain he took several breaths,  stepped away from the chaos that wanted to consume him, and he  remembered.

He remembered when he was a boy and the warm breezes and smell of new grass, the contented sounds of sheep eating, were shattered by their panicked cries as they scattered and the snarls and roars of a bear.  He remembered the terrified bleat of a lamb and the long white incisors of the lion that pinned it  to the darkening ground. He remembered  the taunts of the Philistine’s champion, and bending and picking up five smooth stones at the brook.

He remembered how Yahweh had brought him victory over the lion, over the bear, and over Goliath. How by His power, David had hidden from Saul. He remembered those things. And then he turned back to Him, and inquired “All right, Lord. How now am I going to have the victory this time?” and Yahweh answered.

I’m working on remembering too.  Hopefully later this week the post will be up. But while I’m honing my remembering skills, I’m also decorating. Look for another post, tomorrow, and some festive  decorations I’m rather proud of. Until then,

Coram Deo

  1. says:

    Hi Michelle, I look forward to reading it. I so understand the whirlwind of emotions. Take time to rest and I found keeping busy helps. More soon. Love, “P”

  2. Kathy Black says:

    I loved this post. It does help us all to remember the wonderful things God has done for us in the past in our lives especially at those critical junction where we or our loved ones were in serious situations that only God could deliver us from. But I had to look up Corem Deo. I found it means living in the presence of God. How lovely. Thanks for sharing.

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