Rattlin’ Around & Blaming Tolkien

Posted: January 26, 2013 in Inkspots
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ImageOh, story world, how I need you not.  I have less than three weeks till my school starts, and I don’t need the scribbled down world I’ve been pottering with for the last four months to suddenly get of the simmer and begin assailing my mind. I don’t need to be fascinated by ancient Persia, desert wolves, or the idea of someone seeing into the realm of the spirit guided by an unholy power. I don’t need any of this. What I need to do is to be reading my books for TCM, ordering textbooks, and seeing if I can’t get a leg up on the six credit world view course that is coming my way like a baby tidal wave.

Are their baby tidal waves? ::author note, find term for wave smaller than tidal that does less damage but is still intimidating::

WHY is it that my mind is now slowly, deliberately, and with a good amount of logic, pulling together the pieces of this story world?

HOW am I suppose to get any other work done with this siren story calling to me? 

::author note, find out if there  is there a way to shove cotton into story–ears and if so, can I some how market it to other authors in the same predicament I’m in? Also, if I don’t listen now, will the whole story go away?::

WHO is responsible for this? Is it YOU Chesterton, with your ideas about story and pace and madness and sanity? Is it YOUR fault that my mind pulling hard in the traces towards a goal of story?

Is it YOU Tolkien? Have I spent too long in Middle Earth, being lulled by the cadence of your words and tone so that I have drifted into the realm of story deeper than before? Is it YOUR genius that has stirred my stupor-ed imagination to life again?

::author note–find out if spending time with those more intelligent than yourself stimulates the brain. If so, then when imagination needs to hibernate, make sure not to read anything but the phone book::

Oh, what a disgruntled and ungrateful heart I have. But the timing just stinks!

Tell me, story hunters, what should I do? Should I write it down, should I let it go? What to do what to do! There are only so many hours in the day and days in the week!

  1. Amanda says:

    This happens to me every semester. During Summer break, during Christmas break, sure, I have time to write, and sure, it happens. But that day that your professor hands you a sheet of four hundred things that are due by 1:07 PM and the clock is knocking at 1:02 PM, your story world blazes into color and everything starts making sense.
    Oh! That’s why Theloq never talks about his past?
    It wasn’t Elyth’s choice to wear the veil in the first place?
    You mean that Jaye secretly hates everything that she stands for?
    That clock whirrs to 1:06 . . . and. . . well. It’s a sad thing, but when school’s in session, it comes before the story.
    My advice, right now, is WRITE. Write as much as you can, get it down, get those wispy phrases and dialogues and aha! moments into the air. If you don’t, you’ll lose them. And then we’ll all mourn, because classes and in-the-world-work leave very little time for imagination.

    • *SOB* I have a review to get done. ::moan:: My brain HATES me. And I want to write all this down (in fact I’m terrified NOT TO) ::rocks back and forth:: but the DEADLINE .. .

      • Amanda says:

        Okay, then. Snatch those keywords. I seriously have three or four docs on my phone that say things like:
        Cobwebs and searching.
        A tired maid.
        Being unutterably useful.
        Lord Merrick’s legendary support and independence.
        Pay attention and keep breathing.
        It’s beauty and the beast, only backwards.

        ^that is a legit file on my phone. It took me maybe two minutes to type it all out, but I still have it, still know what it’s talking about, and when I have time, I’ll go right back to it.
        Now, it’s not as fresh and magical as it would be if I had time to write the entire scene at that very moment. BUT I DIDN’T LOSE IT, and sometimes that’s all that matters.

      • Right now I have one hand on the key board, and the other scrawling notes in a composition book. O_o I need to be more ambidextrous

      • Amanda says:

        Well… this is an awesome way to start! 🙂 Go, Michelle! Theloq and I (I speak for him without his consent, as usual) know you can do it!

  2. Megan-Marie says:

    It’s a particular manifestation of “so many responsible things to do HEEEY DOESN’T THAT LOOK INTERESTING?” For example :p I have nothing but time to kill, and I can’t squeeze an ounce of creativity out of my brain. It’s like twisting a dry sponge. But in the unlikely event I ever actually get to be a person again and finally start working and living and end up with 56 non-sleep freedom hours a week, I’ll be a seething mess of inspiration. Somehow it’s human nature to only want to do things when we can’t.

    LIKE RIGHT NOW I REALLY WANT A MOUNTAIN DEW. And I have one dollar bill and one ten dollar bill and the new price on the machines is $1.25 and I have no means to get change *s0b* and then to make it worse there are two boxes of change for/from the copy machines here, and it’s not like anybody keeps track of them, but that’s still *stealing* and ALSO I said I wasn’t going to DRINK pop anymore BUT IT’S HOT IN HERE and I WANT it >.< omg (maybe that wasn't related but I had to get it out somewhere.)

    • Is that how it works? 😛 Our brains are only creative when they don’t have the time to be creative?! *AHH* that is not fair. Also, right now I have GOT to get this review DONE. Really, it needs to be done D-O-N-E and the ideas for my own work won’t stop flying. I’d trap them with a hawking net if I had one and save them for later.

  3. jakethesnake200 says:

    I usually outline insane ideas that shouldn’t be happening. 🙂 I’m normally SOP, but if I don’t write things down (intending to do it later) they eventually recede into a blur. That’s the worst thing to have happen to an idea.

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