Crazy Spring Means a Better Summer, Right? Right!

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Inkspots
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So what in the world happened to me? How is Rea doing? Did Rea kill you and or run away?

These questions have been in boxed to me and it makes me feel loved. Thanks guys for noticing! I have had a rough spring. Between my back and my teeth it seems like every time I get my footing I get knocked down again. So blogging/writing has fallen to the bottom of the list. The good news is that April is nearly over and I’m beginning to see the light again. I’m doing better physically; I’ll be off antibiotics this week and am generally feeling better.


So, where do I stand on Rea’s interview? Well, I’m working on part of it but stopped to post this. I know I know, get back to Rea. Well, I will but he’s had to wait as I’m due to write some book reviews and I also have another author interview coming up. Not that he minds, crafty Daithian that he is, I’m sure he’s using his unsupervised time to do all manner of things I’d rather he not do.

This summer (June through August 2014) I’m working on doing something I think that will be kind of cool and this is your invitation to come along on the journey. Each month, I’m going to post writing prompt along with MY version of it and then post it here. I’ll give you seven days to post your own version of the prompt (and these are going to be really short) and then the next week we’ll revise together, edit, and polish our projects.

The idea is to work on skills together. To encourage short projects that become DONE projects, and at the end of the summer hopefully we’ll all have grown, stretched, and be more comfortable sharing with one another.

During the summer I’m also going to be sharing some really cool writing tools I’ve found that are online and free, and also places to submit work.

All of this I’m working on RIGHT NOW, so that the posts will go up automatically, you know in case my face/life/back decide to explode again.

I’ve also got a special treat coming up for the Rea fans, and that should be ready to share this summer as well. So you have lots and lots of things to look forward to, aren’t you glad you stuck it out while the silence was screaming*?

Patience is a virtue.

* Early writer stretch to get you limbered up for the summer. How can silence scream? Tell me in the comments.

  1. Hi, sorry to bother you here but your goodreads account doesn’t accept messages. You posted a request in the What’s The Name of That Book group last year and there has been a suggestion that we think may be the answer. Would you mind running over and letting us know if it’s been solved?

    Btw, I took a look at your “about” page and love your descriptions. I will be checking out your blog soon as I have a few free minutes!

  2. @ Prompt

    I have a particular problem (or at least it happened in really quiet test rooms before I don’t know if it’s really a problem…) that because it was quiet, my brain began picking up sounds I usually tune out (for instance the air conditioner… sometimes light have a frequency I think.). Because my brain is so ADD, I pick up tiny sounds sometimes when it’s extremely quiet. In some cases, the silence can be even more distracting than sound.

    “It was the sound of the deafening sound of the screaming silence which kept me from the work at my desk that day.”

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