He’s cooooooooooooming

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Inkspots
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Mirram Neal has been fighting with him for weeks. Utter weeks. And while he’s not here in the “flesh” as it were, here is the scan of her line art of my grumpy Daithian. Captures his  I’m cooler than you attitude perfectly, no?    Or as she so perfectly put it “Rea hugging himself in frustration.” So while  YOU wait for the next part of the interview, and while I wait for him to get here—feel free to take her line art and color it, make paper Rea airplanes with it–and otherwise annoy my not so very bad boy, bad boy.   Rea belongs to me, the art to Mirriam, and Jeremy Renner belongs mainly to himself. Don’t repost or claim as your own or I will sic Angel’s fangirls after you.


Well and duh, who is Mirriam? As if you don’t know. Wait, you DON’T KNOW?! AHHHH.  Go here. IMMEDIATELY

  1. Mirriam says:

    (That would be an entire army, and that would be bad)

  2. prayerpost@verizon.net says:

    Yes…he is…and the book will come forth…love Mom    Katherine Black 

  3. Ooh! Ooh! I’d love to color line art! (May I?) *rubs hands together suspiciously Rea’s way* 😛

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