There Is Beauty In the Beast: Pinspiration Board

Posted: June 13, 2014 in WIP
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all three ways

This week has been a busy one, both on and offline as I’m working on two book reviews (one completed, one underway) an interview, and outlining the short story There is Beauty in the Beast. It’s coming along quite well, and my main worry so far is keeping  the telling within the 20,000 word maximum.  It’s a brand new story world to me, or at least I think it is, and there are some very interesting  notes all ready sounding in the telling of the tale. To help me keep a visual catalog of ideas, I’ve turned to Pinterest. It’s much easier to go and look on my board there then to pull up the various pictures I’ve snipped from the internet and as a bonus, now you can see the ethereal beginnings of the story too (provided you’re interested of course) and take a peek into the gallery that is helping me flesh out the world and the characters.  If you want to check it out, click the rose.   Oh, and someone had asked on FB why I’m not linking the flowers and such to places  where I got them from. Well, because I took them, and so the person to credit is myself. If you want to use one, just please link with credit, and I’m very happy that I have friends who want to keep me honest and giving credit where credit is due.

Have any of you, Scribes, used Pinterest as an “idea board”?   Are you more likely to use one if you can keep the content private?  What do you think might be the down side of using one that is public?

  1. I have several idea boards! 😀 But one is private because I’m afraid not everyone would appreciate it and because I got negative feedback when I first shared the idea with friends. So I keep it to myself and only show people I trust. The plus side of its kinda like a big happy family sharing idea and pictures as if it were family members sharing pictures cut out of newspaper clippings. Somethings I just want to be able to remember or hold on to something pretty or special, but I don’t want any of my friends or family (some of both on pinterest) judging me or jumping to conclusions about me so I use private boards. (like when I appreciate beautiful clothing or costumes. from shows I probably or definitively wouldn’t watch.)

    • Yeah, the negative stuff is hard to take, but I’m finding that the more public I am, the more structured I have to be in my writing to actually finish it. 😀 I have a private board myself of ideas and things that I’m like “nope, too genius to share right now” so I totally get that.

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