Not Roaring

Posted: January 31, 2016 in Inkspots


Along with bills (give us money), advertisements (spend your money), and bank statements (look what happened to your money), this arrived Friday.

There was no return address or name to tell me who it was from, and it was in a gray unassuming envelope.    My pulse hit a little harder in my fingertips as I worked to get it open. Mysterious and fun are anonymous things. The pulse switched from its curious tap tap tapping to a harder drum-drum-drumming as I pulled the paper free.  This might be Anonymous, but it definitely not purposeless.   It struck right to the center of my soul.

You see, I’ve been having a conversation with the Lion of the Tribe of Judah about my life, and not roaring. 
It’s not been an easy year.  2015 has had so much upheaval in it in so many places in my life that the stable places are starting to feel weird because they’re stable.   When this came in the mail, all of the crazy of the week just faded. I stared at it for a good minute, minute and a half. Then the tears started.

I’ve been talking to Yahweh for weeks about the fact that I’m always the encourager for my friends. I’m always the one sending out notes, small packages, large packages, cards, letters, I’m always the one telling someone else “It’s going to be okay . .. ”

“Please” I whispered through tears “Just this once, just this once I want to be the one that gets encouraged.  Encouraged from someone else besides my family.”

Less than a week later, here is this lovely little note.  And not just any note, the note that echoes what I look at every morning when I get up. What I see every night before I close my eyes:

This quote has been my anchor point for so long and the Lord knows how much it means to me and why it is so dear to me.

For to be the quote that shows up on the day that I needed it,  from someone who knows me but chose to remain quietly unknown,  is nothing more and nothing less than a Divinely orchestrated ‘wink’.  The laws of probability and chance bend and then snap under the weight of something like this.  It  has left me overwhelmingly grateful, grateful and gobsmacked for two days.

The little note, by the way, now lives under the Plexiglas on my desk. Right next to some flower fairy art.  To encourage me, and to remind me that God doesn’t just show up for me in the heat of battle when I’m pressed about on all sides.  He shows up too when my heart is sore and my soul is down cast, and I just need to be encouraged.

  1. Skye says:

    That is such a cool thing to get.

  2. Kathy Black says:

    God gives hugs in wonderful ways to let us know he cares…how beautiful.

  3. I love those days when Encourage meant shows up right when you need it. (This is one of my favorite quotes.)

  4. What great timing. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  5. Gee says:

    Wow. God does, indeed, speak, at times, with a still, small voice, and He does act through other people. It’s something when God Himself says, “Be of good cheer.”

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