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Next up for review at the christian manifesto by Davis Bunn  Book of Dreams. I’m a bit puzzled by this one. Bunn breaks the first rule I was ever taught, and tells everything. He doesn’t show characters being happy, he tells the reader that they are happy.   He also uses a mirror to ‘info dump’ about the main character ( for my non-writing friends this is a  HIT THE WRITER ON THE NOSE WITH A ROLLED UP NEWSPAPER BAD WRITER BAD thing for us to do) and sets up a character that is introduced in the first chapter as DEAD MEAT. He is so  heavy handed with descriptions to make the reader care, and  makes sure that the reader understands if this person dies, they are going to heaven.  I will be shocked if the character is alive when we get back to them.  It makes me want to tear my hair out, or chew pens.  Why? Remember my bag?

That rule still applies today. It hasn’t changed. And yet, books like the one above totally and completely ignore it.  And get published. And sell millions of copies. While books that follow that rule, like A Star Curiously Singing, sell only thousands.  Someone, explain this to me. Tell me why it is that a book that breaks all the good writing rules flourishes, and one that meticulously keeps them, struggles to find its audience.  I don’t care if you tell me that the fae are behind it. Just give me an answer!

“There is a great deal of difference between an eager man who wants to read a book and a tired man who wants a book to read.”
― G.K. Chesterton

Me? I just want to read a good book.  Ugh. It’s so disheartening when you find that the tale you thought would be amazing turns into an amazing mess. Reader disappointment is not fun. Writer disappointment is even worse. *Sigh* and I really, really, really like Debbie Viguie’s other series. Rats! Definitely don’t waste your time on Kiss of Night, as cool as a premise it is, as cool as a cover it is, it is a hot mess. I’ll explain more later.

Oh, and since I’ve issued this warning, how about telling ME which of your Summer reads I should skip? C’mon! We’re burning valuable reading time here.