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Scribe Note* I meant to share this several days ago, and was so tired when I wrote  it,  it got saved in a draft and never posted. It’s too good not to share, and I’m going to be starting a series this year on Words and what Scripture has to say about them, posting hopefully just a short piece on what I find once a week. Looking over this post, I think it’s a great way to start this adventure, even if the tenses are off. I hope you enjoy!

Today was busy,  but twice the Lord met me as I scurried about my day. Well, twice He met me in the same way.

The first started when I was ringing out a customer at work. She was buying little gifts to give to people, last-minute things, and she was very bright and sweet but as we chatted waiting for the register to process her credit card (we have rather slow machines) she mentioned that she had a house guest. “This is his first Christmas, alone. And I said, as busy as the season is, I can’t let him be alone, not at Christmas. So, I invited him to our house and he came.”

Now, to anyone who hasn’t had a house guest for an extended period, this might not sound like much, but it really is. Having someone stay for several weeks adds to the work load of the house, and there are intrusions where there was just your own space before. There’s more mess and work, less  privacy and less hot water.  Right then, I got a nudge from the Holy Spirit, and I leaned across the counter as the receipt was printing out and said: “You know, one day you’ll be with Jesus in eternity and He’ll lean over and nudge you and say “Remember that Christmas when I was all by myself and I had nowhere to go, and you had Me come and stay with you? That was a really special Christmas.”  She blinked at me, and I continued “You’ll say to Him ‘Lord, when were You ever alone at Christmas? When did I have You come and stay at my house for Christmas?”  And then I reminded her

 I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’ 37 Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? 38 And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? 39 And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ 40 And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers,[a] you did it to me.’ Matthew 25:36-40 ESV

Her whole being, lit up and she raised her hand, murmuring in her own tongue and then she choked out “Oh, you do not know how I needed to hear that, how I needed to hear!”  She shook her head, tears in her eyes. I laughed and said “All I did was remind you of the truth, that’s all I did.”  She nodded and wiped her face, hand still held up “It is going to be my testimony at Church, it is, this is my testimony” and she came around the counter, and hugged me. “Merry Christmas” she whispered, fiercely. And then she was gone.  I don’t know her name, but I do know this: I wasn’t suppose to be working that shift. I don’t normally work in that store.   Jesus brought His overwhelmed sister to me, and then nudged me to remind her of the truth, that she was doing this hard thing at the busiest time of the year for someone in great need, and He took her sacrifice as if she were doing it just for Him. She moved in obedience to what she knew to do, but I had the privilege of reminding her it was so much more than it looked.

Words Have Power.

Later on, I went to Wal*Mart(TM) and waited in a ghastly long line having retrieved most of what Mom had asked me to stop and grab on the way home.  The line inched along, and finally, I was second, watching the clerk ring up a pair of elderly Asian ladies. Everything took a long time with them. The clerk, a lady named Gwen, was carefully price checking things for them, bagging things up, and when they had issues with the card reader she came around the divider and step-by-step walked them through what was to be done. By this time, I could hear snatches of their conversation. Gwen said something about “Celebrating Christmas all year-long, because I have Jesus in my heart”

AHA!  I started to grin. But I wasn’t super-sure that I had heard right. So as she helped the women on their way, and placated the woman behind me who was grousing up a storm that the wait was so long, I interjected “Gwen I love to see people treated as people, and not problems. You did a fantastic job helping them.” She looked at me for a moment, and then there was a brightness that jumped into her eyes “Well,” she said as she bagged me up “I figure that’s just Jesus there, and I treat them like I’d treat Him. He’s in my heart, and He’s my savior.” With that, I laughed “Mine too” I told her as I paid “You keep strong with Him, sister-soldier. You are on the front lines.” She paused and looked at me again, quiet.  “I needed to hear that today. You don’t know, how I needed to hear that today,” she said softer. My heart swelled. “He sent me here,” I said, moving away “Today to tell you that. This is the second time, I’ve passed on messages from Him.” She laughed.

“Merry Christmas!” She called after me “Merry Christmas!” I waved as I turned to negotiate the doors.

Words Have Power.

Today, this very day, life and death are in your mouth. Life and death.  You can either wound or heal, tear down or build up.  I don’t mean for you to be falsely cheerful or ignore someone who is sinning—that’s not love and it won’t bring life.  But today, be BOLD with your words. Look for the opportunities  to speak what Christ would have you speak. He is THE WORD and His power is in your words when you use them as He asks.

Tell me, how have you been shocked by the word power you possess, what has recently underlined the importance of words, to you?

Coriam Deo, Scribes