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This morning I’ve started on my new adventure, reviewing books for the christian manifesto. First one up?  A Star Curiously Singing by Kerry Nietz.  Remember back when I was talking about risk v. reward? Well this was the risk, and for me, it turned into a great blessing. I’m beyond delighted to be a contributor there, they’ve got a really well rounded bunch of readers and reviewers. Not only do they (or should I be saying, “we”?) tackle books, but also music and movies. If you want reviews that are professional and non-compensated, definitely check the site out. I’ll be posting my thoughts on what I read there so there’s no conflict of interest here.  I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to link to them permanently, I don’t think that  would be an issue. I’ll find out at work today, and if I do link, I’ll bang pots and pans together so you’ll be able to click-and-find my bio over there.  For today, I’ll link you in the name up top and you can poke about and see if there’s anything there you like.

What do I think about the book? Well, you’ll have to wait for the review.

Peril & Perspective

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Inkspots, Musings
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I’ve been haunted this week by a tree.

You read that right, I’ve been haunted by a tree.

I drove by it on my way to work and would be bathed in the most glorious early morning light. I drove  by it on the way home and it would be silhouetted against a sunset. In the rain it looked like the perfect mournful tree. At night the stars tangled in its branches.

This tree had a kind of wonder-pop power.  It needed to be photographed.

I had  three problems, however, in photographing my wonder tree; it was on private property behind a newly planted farmer’s field, the field bordered  a very busy road, and there were no side walks.  I had to drive past the tree and park,  and then walk back along the busy road and then  find a way to take the photographs without  damaging the field and also avoid being hit by a car.  As I got out of the car and looked down to the tree I wondered if the light was really the best light (bright and sunny but no sunset) and if the increasing afternoon traffic meant I had better put it off until another day.

Those are the same kind of decisions that I wrestle with in my writing; do I risk,  do I  play it safe, or do I call it a day and not write at all. There’s always a risk when I try to  chase down a new idea, or put together a new character.   What if what I write bombs? What if the characters that I think are fascinating, aren’t?

There are only so many hours in the day. There are all ready millions of books crammed with thousands of words wrapped around hundreds of plots. Or variations on a plot.  Why should I wrestle and  sacrifice to put my own  tale down on paper amid a flood of stories all ready available?

The short answer to all of those questions is the same reason that I decided to risk the road, the tricky traffic, and the newly sewn field.



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