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So for those of you who are my friends, on Face Book, you all ready know this if you’ve been paying attention, (and if you aren’t hey it’s Summer my attention is all over everywhere all ready too so no big deal) that Caiti and I are going to be taking on the challenge of retelling Beauty and the Beast for a short story competition. I started thinking of all the things that I need to get done before the 14th of July (that’s when my writing class starts) and I am actually really excited. I mean it’s going to be hectic, but I think that the writing class will dovetail nicely with this project. And if all things hold together, as they are so far, I’ll be seriously looking for beta readers in September. I know that’s when a lot of you go back to school and things get hectic for you too, which is why I’m reminding you of this now.   Here’s what I’m looking for in a Beta reader:

Someone who is familiar with the ORIGINAL Beauty & The Beast Story
Someone who has been a beta before  for another writer (it’s okay if you’ve only done it once, that’s fine) and can have that writer serve as a reference *
Someone who can commit to reading 2-4 pages at a time and not fan girl/guy over them, but looking at them with keen sense of story and get back to me within a reasonable  amount of time (ie a week or two) Someone who can give positive and negative feedback. Let’s be honest, this story is going to have flaws. I need someone to help me see them, and fix them
Someone who can give feedback without trying to direct the story. This is my retelling after all.

Right now, I’m just looking for 3 beautiful betas, and for your help and your time, you will have both my gratitude, and I will personally hand-cover and create a notebook for you like one of the two above (this applies to betas in the US only). There will be a small  non-snail mailed thanks sent to  International Betas, if I have one of those sign up for this adventure.

Interested?  e-mail me at  The slots are open until they are filled.
*when you e-mail me, please include the name of the author that you were a beta for, and their e-mail address.  I will send a quick querie to ask them how they would rank you as a beta  and then let you know if you are qualified for the spot.

One last thing before I close, I promised you the name of the short story and it is ::drumroll please::

There Is Beauty In The Beast.

As if you hadn’t guessed 😉

Until next time Scribes,

Encourage one another!