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Ah, school

Ah, school


What happened? I mean I was going along blogging  like gang-busters and then *fwoosh* I disappeared of the face of the planet.  Well, there’s a very simple answer for that disappearance. I started school at Colorado Christian University online, and this first course is a ten-week six credit course, in apologetics and philosophy.  It’s called “Understanding Worldviews” and it is hard. It’s also taking up every spare minute I have. Literally. I mean right now I should be watching a two hour video from Dateline called “Faith& Doubt at Ground Zero” and composing an Assumptions Paper with thesis statement and conclusion on that topic. But I’m here desperately pegging away at my blog because it’s been over a MONTH since I posted anything and I am rather desperate to write something not APA format.

Anyway, HI!

School is hard, but I’m doing all right, slogging away and maintaining a low A in the class so far. Not bad for my first time back in a long time. Work is insane, I have  three signing events in 5 weeks and with Resurrection Sunday fast approaching, not much time at all to do anything but react at work (not something I like). I’m working on a scene with my characters, and each month meeting with a friend for two hours to really keep me accountable, and that’s really helping writing wise. *AH* I’ve spent more time here than I meant to!  I might start sharing the papers I’ve been writing just so I feel like I’m keeping the blog somewhat useful (you’re warned) and as a final note here’s what I’ve read recently:

Tuesdays at the Castle (subpar)
Kneebone Boy (excellent)
The Humming room (above average)
This Rough Magic (excellent)
The Gabriel Hounds (above average)
The Moon Spinners (excellent)
Counting Backwards (excellent)
Scarlet (excellent so far, not finished yet)

Making Sense of Your World (phenomenal)
Walking in the Dust of your Rabbi (excellent)
Victim of Grace (above average)

All right, till next time Scribes!

Coriam Deo