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I’ve taken some of my own advice this week, and risked.  There was a position open at a Christian review site, and I applied for a non-paid review slot.  While I don’t know the outcome of that particular risk, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the whole process.

When I first saw the opportunity, I was getting ready to pass it by and copy-paste the notice into the League, encouraging the young bloods in there to take a grab a the brass ring and not try at all myself.

However, I had just been to a prayer group, just had people pray for me to shake off that spirit of timidity and have more confidence.  I thought I know I could review well, I have to do this kind of thing off the cuff at work all day every day. While I’m suppose to be selling books at work, I can pick and choose which I’m going to promote. I don’t have to promote the ones I don’t like. So I’ve come up with a system where I don’t say anything about a book unless asked, and then if I say something negative about a book a customer has selected, I have a different title to offer in its place. So far, this system has worked really well.

Writing the sample reviews for the  site made me use muscles I hadn’t stretched in a while, and it’s also given me a case of the stomach-flutters.  Maybe it’s because of all the uncertainty going on in the rest of my life, maybe it’s because I really like the site and want the position, or maybe its the same feeling millions of writers have felt over thousands of years when they took the risk, launched their words into public view, and waited for the reaction.

Will my endeavor carry? Will I crash and burn?  I don’t know. I do know that while the stomach flutters aren’t exactly comfortable, one small act of risk has  given me more confidence.

I actually posted on the page of my most favorite author in all the wide worlds last night ( normally I wouldn’t do that for fear of looking a fool or  it not mattering)  and squealed like a fan girl when he replied not once, but twice to what I commented.

I know this, if I hadn’t tried for the position, I wouldn’t have risked on the page. There’s something freeing as well as frightening about risking things.

Even if I crash and burn, I know this, I’ll risk again.  What about you? Have you ever risked and miscarried?  Or risked and earned what your heart desired? Tell me in the comments below!