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My first review is away!  Woot!

The second is Kiss of Night by Debbie Viguie.  It’s basically a Christian vampire story, which is intriguing as a premise. Dracula by Bram Stoker drew heavily on ideas of Christian doctrine.  In my opinion, that what made Dracula  such a rich and complex story line. Because  Stoker worked from Christianity being true,  and the vampire by default became an abnormality.   Using the if this then thatmethod of fleshing out a villain, he carved out one of the first popular pulp vampire stories. Think about it it.If Christ is the one to offer true resurrection of the dead, then Dracula’s resurrections are false resurrections.
The Bible says that “the life of the flesh is in the blood” and  vampires need blood to survive. They feed on the life of others.
Crosses are a horror to them not because of their shape but because they symbolize the true resurrection and their coming judgement. Holy Water is  painful to them because it is consecrated to the people who follow Christ.  Hallowed ground can not be broached by them because it is dedicated to Christ. It is His  power of Christ that they fear more than anything. They have chosen the lie over truth and judgement if delayed, is still coming.More modern vampires eliminate these elements as “folklore” and the cross, the church, and even holy water have been put by the wayside.  From Bram Stoker to Joss Whedon to Stephanie Meyer*, writers have put their own spin on the vampire tales, but I maintain that the ones which mix Christianity into the story are the ones that have the most cohesion in their mythology.  I’ll have to keep reading and let you know how  Kiss of Night stands up.

* Edward Cullen is not a vampire. There are OTHER people in the series who are. Just not any of the Cullens. The Cullens don’t attack humans and they sparkle. They are faeries, not vampires.

Today, at work, I nearly lost it. The store is so empty. I mean they broke down the wall shelves, the free standing ones are all spoken for, and the place is nearly empty. Ugh. I’ve spent years of my life here. Years.  At the same time I’m so ready to go. This long lingering kind of good-bye makes my bones ache. I love the customers I’ve met up in Eldersburg, but it is definitely time to go.  I’ll post some pictures later, kinda a before and after thing.

Yeah, I’m taking pictures.  It is so surreal. Kinda a slow-motion death in a way.  I thought I’d want picture of it later.  It’s like taking pictures of a burnt out building or your car after an accident. As hard of a thing as this has been, I don’t want to forget it, or how the Lord has carried me through it.

Oh, and marvelous discovery has volunteered to keep me accountable as I work on something Valentine/ Michaeli’ina related. It’s called  Finders Fee   and I hope to have it finished by the second week of July. Stay tuned. And you can always nudge my NUDGER.

What about the rest of you? Slogging through this week? Triumphing? Just keeping your head down? Let me know in the comments.