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My friend and I were texting, and she said something that made us both laugh and then, in that next breath,  made my heart ache with its savage truth.  Our conversation was running something like this:

HER: “I don’t see  [writing  group]  listed on their site, maybe it’s invitation only.”

ME: “You a grown up now,  you could call and  ask a librarian. They they aren’t dragons, they aren’t going to eat you.”

HER:  ” I’m pretty sure they are dragons.  You know when I was a kid, I wasn’t afraid of dragons. Now that I’m an adult I’ve learned to fear them.”

The truth of her observation cuts like razors.  Kids are fearless, trusting, wonder-holders, and bold enough to stare down Wyrms. But as we get older, life introduce rejection, falseness, betrayal, and heartache. We all learn to fear the dragons.  We lose the ability to stare into the eyes of a great beast, of someone different,  and see a potential friend.

It’s wounding that she’s right,  but I’m not going to stay  bleeding on the sidelines. I”m going to work on not assuming every last one I meet wants to eat me. I’m going to capture back the wonder I had as a kid, and with God’s help, I’m going to unlearn this fear  dragons.

Dragon image taken from Sandara’s gallery at deviant art. Click the dragon to go see her full range of work!