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I had a friend, recently, who celebrated a kinda important birthday, and I decided I wanted to make her some lovely grown-up themed Beauty & the Beast cupcakes. I also happen to have a pair of friends who think that they are good enough to go on Master Chef. What you now witness is the craziness that happened during the cupcake making with these two “helping” along the way.

DSCN5118I had to get up super-early (for me) at  7 A.M. simply because my niecelings were arriving at 9 A.M. These two beat me down to the kitchen and rounded up the supplies as I checked the cake  recipe. I haven’t made one in so long, I’d actually forgotten how things were suppose to go together. However, after I refreshed the ole’ memory I got right to work.  And, so did my helpers.

DSCN5122Here, the Assassin is assuring the Dragon that these are not “Dragon Eggs” and you can see by the look that he’s getting, the Dragon is not convinced. Not one bit, not at all.  I combined the ingredients in the mixer while the two of them hashed out what exactly constituted a non-dragon egg, and then I needed to add the eggs before the batter congealed around the beaters thick as cement.

DSCN5123“Yeah buddy, I checked, I watched her crack each one. They’re all chicken eggs, I promise. I know what dragon eggs look like. And dragon yokes.  Wasn’t any of your kin, I promise.” Said the Assassin. Now, I wanted to know how he became so knowledgeable about dragon eggs. And of course, neither of them are talking to me. You’ll understand why when we get to the end of this adventure.  After the batter was all mixed up I added jimmies to it (this makes a ‘funfetti batter like the kind you get in a box but  I was making it from scratch) or rather, I tried to add jimmies to it.

DSCN5127Apparently, the jimmies might have been marauding Irishmen bent on the destruction of a viking island town, and needed to be thoroughly inspected before I was finally allowed to add them to the batter.

DSCN5129I used a small scoop to get the proportion of batter to cupcake liner correct, and the guys were fascinated by the fact that I sprayed the liners with a small hit of cooking spray. If you don’t do that, the cupcake and the batter become wed to the point that it will take death to separate them from one another.  So, make sure to just hit them lightly with some cooking spray if you ever make cupcakes from scratch.

The recipe made 24 cupcakes,  but I’ve used it before to make two 9 inch layers or one 9×16 sheet cake. And I love the funfetties, they make everyone smile, and they don’t add any bitterness to the batter.

DSCN5133 However, after all the sprinkle inspecting, and otherwise “helping” I told the pair they needed to clean up. The Dragon in particular was skeptical of this assessment, but as you can see right there on his tail, is proof of bath-needed.

DSCN5134This is the moment that I realised I would be sleeping with one eye open for quite some time. To quote Icanhascheezburger “You has betrayed my tiny trust” and this of course with cats means one thing, but it means something like fiery death when dealing with Dragons.

DSCN5136Both of them cleaned up, and then hatched plans for how they were going to have one of the cupcakes for themselves.  Stay tuned for the rest of the story tomorrow, in “Let them Eat Cake”

Until then, Scribes, encourage one another!


I’m sitting here, typing this post on my  BRAND NEW LAP TOP. That’s right. Let those words sink in and then maybe you can convince me I’m not dreaming.  BRAND NEW LAP TOP. He’s so knew, the keys make a really loud clicking sound was I type!  He’s so new, I keep having to peel off protective plastic from bits of him!  He’s running Windows 8 and while I’m adjusting to the new look and interface, it’s not as horrible as I was thinking it was going to be. Yes, there’s the ‘start’ screen with its apps but once you get used to navigating to the desk top, there’s not a lot of visual changes (other than where the power off command is located) to adjust to. Today, I’m spending most of the time moving files from Davin TO Rea JaHani.

Yup, I name my laptops after my protagonists. Davin is a Regent, and Rea’s his more sardonic world-wise uncle who spends the majority of Davin’s story raising and protecting him working as  his personal guard. Davin doesn’t know that Rea’s his uncle, and there’s a long and rather complicated reason as to why he doesn’t know that.  Rea’s always been a favorite, though until recently I didn’t know much about him simply because I didn’t need to know a whole lot about him. That’s changing. With all the other changes this year that have happened, I thought that it would be a good idea to switch names and start new with this  BRAND NEW LAPTOP. So yes, best present ever.  He is the best Christmas present, but not the ONLY amazing thing I’ve received this year. Check out the very close runners up for BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER, below.

From my brother, Dave, I received this  fantasticness which can not be contained! Lookit! Lookit!

Dave Game

It would be one thing if he somehow had connections to get it signed like this but the truth of the matter is he has worked on X-COM Enemy Unknown for years. I have a SIGNED COPY OF MY BROTHER’S GAME, Y’ALL.  And he didn’t sign it, he got his WHOLE team to sign it for me.  Better yet, he’s going to bring over his PS3 sometime, and I’m going to have some characters die in horrible ways as we play it together! I’m all ready aware of some of the worst deaths an X-COM can experience and am psyching myself up to be happy when they’re zombified or converted or impaled. *Sigh* It’s not going to work, I’m such a softie I’ll be really upset and want to reset every chance I get, I know.  But! I will be able to play the game he worked on making with him and that is going to be worth the price of all of those pixel people’s horrible deaths.

From Megan, I received fantasticness that’s hard to contain.  Lookit!

PosterIt’s the entire story of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea which is the dark text you see there, and the silhouettes are of course the Nautilus and the great sea squid. There are not words for the fantasticness of this poster. Just____________. I love it so much!  If you want the fantasticness you CAN get one yourself or check out the other amazing works of art at

Lest you think that all I did this year at Christmas was get, get, get (though I won’t deny that did happen) I did give some too. Check back tomorrow for a look at some of the things I made, and gave away.

Until then,
Coriam Deo.

Not my photo–but this is a good idea of how the fellows looked!

When I broke off abruptly from telling you about my adventures in heat and storms, I believe I stopped at the groundhogs. I was watching two of them in a lot behind a McDonalds while Mom was inside using a net book to try to find the family some place to stay that had A/C. Thankfully, Megan was letting me complain to her via the cell phone and had made me laugh two or three times in the process of defusing my crankiness. I was not a pleasant person to be around during this time. I cringe when I think about what I put my family through. Be glad you weren’t on the phone with me.  Anyway, these little critters started popping up in the field and so I began narrating their doings to Megan.  It  was much better than what I had been talking about, that’s for certain.

There were about eight of the furry, well fed fellows by the time they were all out and munching on the clover. The place behind the  fast food building  where they were congregated was an odd shape. Rectangular, it had a wood on one side and the road on the opposite side. McDonald’s parking lot took the third side and a newly made strip mall across from McDonalds claimed the forth. But between the mall and the wide flat space, was an enormous mound, at least twelve feet tall and probably closer to fifteen feet.  It was a short mound, covered in grass and I could not understand why it was there. Drainage? Wind resistance? It made no sense, because it totally  blocked the strip mall directly behind it, from view.

I told Megan that I would try to get photos of the ground hogs, but because they were so far away and my phone has a limited camera range, none of them turned out. My going down into the rectangle (each side of it had a mound two feet high before the pavement which meant any rain that came down would fill up the field like a pool before making it to the concrete which is why I figured it was for drainage) to get pictures of the ground hogs scarred the majority of them  into the wood. Others disappeared from sight, but I had no idea where they went.  I decided to try walking up the mound. It was getting hotter and the breeze, I knew, would be strong atop the hill/mound. My idea was to go and sit up there and continue to talk to Megan while I waited to see where I would be spending the night.  From the side of the mound, it was a fairly steep incline but there seemed to be a worn dirt path and the grass was long enough that I could grab at it with my free hand if I needed to. I made it to the top and then, scared a ground-hog. He peeped, and vanished from sight. I laughed to Megan that he had gotten down the hill fast. As she went “Uuuumm” I wandered over to a dark divot in the high grass and dirt on the top of the mound.  The breeze was much stiffer there, and it felt lovely.  “Hey,” I said, my mind not nearly as quick as hers “I bet that the ground-hog went down into this hole, not down the hill.” She agreed and said the whole hill was probably a warren. I went to get a picture of the entrance to send to her and confirm this when a shrill “AEEEEEE CHA CHA CHA  *sneeze*” bellowed out of the hole.

Not the actual ground-hog, but this is what I imagine he looked like as he sounded off.

I decided that was either a ‘don’t eat me’ plea, or a ‘cry havoc and loose the hounds of war’ scream, and wisely, decided not to find out which it was. I did not need to be eaten by ground hogs on top of being hot, smelly, and disgruntled. I walked down the other side of the mound, and out into the clover. The long heads of the flowers pinged and thwacked against my knees as I walked back to McDonalds. When I was once more under the trees, I turned around and saw a ground-hog at a hole I hadn’t noticed, at the bottom of the rise. His beady black eyes met my gaze across the field and I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, retreat had been the correct choice to make.

Looking back on the entire “ground-hog incident” I can see how the Lord lovingly allowed me to play with some of His creation, and how through the council and sympathy of a good friend, He lifted my bruised spirits. It wasn’t a time of tangible presence or supernatural insight, but it was a moment never the less, that I have secreted away as a time when He rescued me, from myself.

Want to know what happened after the ground-hogs?  Next post I’ll show you where we wound up staying!

That’s right missy. You just keep a walkin. . ..