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I was going over something that I wrote years ago, and there was just a throw-away line in it as one character is telling another  a story to make a point. I actually went “WOW, that could be a whole novel in and of itself.”It’s funny to me when my  Paper Tigers do that, throw out a line or a paragraph where they’re telling a story to someone in a story and I’m like “I want to read that book”. And then a minute later I  get all squinty eyed and go wait a minute, I made that up.  Which of course means if I want to read the story the character is referencing, I have to WRITE the story the character is referring to.  Ugh.  Anyway this particular toss away phrase is now being incorporated  into another project that I’m going to be doing this summer/fall and I wanted to share it with you. I’m keeping my story tight to my chest for now, but I’ll be looking for some betas come September.  What’s the story? Why’m I posting pictures of peonies? Well the story is going to be for this contest here: click me but the idea and the characters have run around in my head for years. So I’m going to take the new piece and pin it to paper and stitch the other characters and settings in and go for it.  I have no delusions of winning (well maybe I do) but I think it will be grand fun.  Also, I have no pictures of roses and peonies I think are a poor gardener’s rose. They aren’t picky, they bloom outrageously, smell heavenly, and are terribly hard to kill.

So here’s the Thoughtful Thursday question:

Has that ever happened to you, scribes? You go into an old piece and most of it is “oh look, younger me is trying to write something, how cute” but there is a bit you can salvage and then you are kind of caught wondering “Most of this is swill, but that one part, that’s something I can work with. How exactly did that happen?”

If it has happened,  did you take the bit you salvaged and turn it into anything you would share or sell?

Just curious.

Until next time, Encourage one another Scribes