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If life would calm down, I would have so much cool stuff to share wit you. Life at the moment is not calming down, it’s becoming if anything, more chaotic.  So, I’m no longer waiting for a moment to actually have the time to post something, but ruthlessly ripping time from another task that needs doing today. Why? Well because I’ve had so many people who live near me ask “What in the world are you wearing on your thumbs?”  And while I could merely say “rings” I know what they are really asking me “What do your rings say? Why are you wearing words on your thumbs?”

Thankfully, most of you know the second answer to this barrage of questions (um, she’s a writer and they tend to be fixated on words) but  the full answer is that they are aluminum, personalized, quote rings. The one on my left hand is a paraphrase of one of my favorite quotes by C. S. Lewis and reads “Theology can be smuggled into minds under the cover of fiction.” The one on the right hand is also a  paraphrased quote from Lewis and reads “Even a traitor may mend; I have known one who did” Edmund the Just, and has a crown symbol stamped at the end of his title.  Why these two quotes?

They are two things I’m trying very hard to tattoo upon my soul. The first, because as a writer who is  Christian,  I have a responsibility to make certain that my worldview,  my theology, and my stories  match up with what is true, ie what is found in Scripture.  Theology can be smuggled into people’s minds very easily. One day, I will stand before Christ and give an answer for my words, written and spoken.

It’s enough some days to make me put my pen down, and not write another word.

The second, because I am working on loving people in my life who do not love me.  No one in particular, just several people.  Edmund has always been my favorite of Lewis’ characters because I see so much of myself in him.  It’s also an example of what Lewis’ first quote; theology being smuggled into minds through fiction.

I wear them as thumb rings because there is an artery that runs through the thumb, and so to my way of thinking they are ‘catching my heart’ as they  act like shel yad of a kind, constantly reminding me of these truths.

How’s that for an answer to “What are you wearing on your thumbs?”

By the way, my particular quote rings are one-of-a-kind. You won’t find them anywhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go get your own. I found an amazing shop, called oneeyedfox and these particular rings are made of aluminum and incredibly inexpensive for what you get.  Even the custom things the shop makes ship quickly, and the quality is excellent.  I’m not getting paid to tell you this, I am just sharing in case you are looking for some shel yad of your own.

In fact, if you could pick out two phrases to wear as I am wearing mine, what would they be? From where? Tell me, in the comments below.

Until next time

Encourage one another, Scribes!