For All To See (Don’t you wish you where here?)

Posted: February 4, 2016 in Inkspots
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1 am 2 dad this morning Deer 3 DSCN9275 DSCN9276 DSCN9277 DSCN9304 DSCN9305 DSCN9323 DSCN9324 DSCN9325 DSCN9326 DSCN9327 DSCN9328 DSCN9330 DSCN9331 DSCN9332 DSCN9334 DSCN9336 DSCN9337 DSCN9338 DSCN9389 DSCN9390 DSCN9391 DSCN9392

  1. Gee says:

    Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Skye says:

    Wow, we have been getting crazy amounts of snow too,but nothing to this extreme.

  3. Beautiful looking snow

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