Spatter Pages (Blogs I frequent and you should too)

Hundredaire Socialite~  the blog of a fellow writer and rather fantastic book lover

Enter The Door Within
~ The blog of Author Wayne Thomas Batson

An Ink-Made Maiden ~ The blog of Author Amanda Bradburn 

Thoughts of a Shield Maiden ~ The blog of author and artist Mirriam Neal

Song of the Pen ~ The blog of author Emily Bradburn

Scifi1 ~The blog of   author  Nathanael Scott

Cross Country Girl ~ The blog of  a cross country poet/author named Hannah

Pen of the Phoenix Aurorean ~ The blog of a speculative author named Stephany

Fiction Writer Blog  ~ The blog of an amazing young scribe, with a voice more mature than his years. Definitely one to watch

The Wandering Messenge~ The blog of a poet, who pins words to pages in order that the thoughts will not escape him.

Resource/Learning blogs:

Chila Woychik ~ I’ve learned more talking and listening to Chila Woychik in six months than I have listening to others for two and three years. She’s an author, a small press owner (Port Yonder Press), and  she challenges and sharpens my thinking in ways that aren’t always comfortable, but are usually needed.  Sharing her blog is sharing a huge chunk or resource that I am sorely tempted to hide but no, I want every writer to have a chance to learn as I have from her.

The Christian Manifesto~This is the review blog that I contribute to, so look for my thoughts on books both fiction and non-fiction.

  1. Amanda says:

    oooh Oooh! Can I be on this list??! 🙂

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